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Primary Folks Links (Rounders, Hurley)

Snockonews - Official Michael Hurley Website
Hurley article in "Popwatch" Magazine
Steve Weber Page plus discography for Rounders
A good Hurley site with Cartoons and Links
A Peter Stampfel Page
Some Rounders Pictures
Snock fansite from Scotland with good info on European tours, etc.

Other Related Musicians, etc.

Peter Stampfel's "Bottlecaps"
The DuTels (a band with Stampfel and Gary Lucas)
A Dysfunctionells Page
A Cheap Suit Serenaders Page
A Fugs Website
The "Swingline Cubs" web page - featuring Teddy Deane
Dr. Dan Madux's Bone Doctors
Luke Faust and Insect Trust
Frazier Mohawk's "Studio at Puck's Farm"
Freak Mountain Ramblers Homepage - band includes Dave Reisch and Roger North, page has nice Oregon Rounders photos too and good links
Charlie Messing's Web Site - former Unholy Modal Rounder and still cranking out good music - listen to the MP3s!

Other Links

Rounder Records Catalog Search
Red Hot Jazz Archives - recordings from the early part of the 20th Century
Discography of Blues and Jazz
Jug Band Rag - World Home of Jug Band Music

Pages of List Members

Tim Hilliard's Page (various stuff)
Paul Wischow's Home Page (with Rounders links!)
Barry Chern's "Bluestones" Home Page (music and art links)
Dan Maddux's Page (with music links, etc.)
Mark Yokoyama's band, Hank Plank and the 2 x 4s

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