Various Modern Family Pictures

Mom's 90th and 91st birthday parties

Reunion, 1999 Pictures

A formal picture of my Mother, Margaret Hilliard of San Diego, taken about 1994.

Here's my sister Alice and my sister Sarah in San Diego, with Tiffany.

Here's my grand-niece Ashley at one - pretty cute, eh?

And here's another picture of Ashley, hugging her big teddybear.

This is a bunch of us at my niece Laura's house: Sarah, Laura (Sarah's daughter), Alice, Laura's husband Trevor, and my mother (in front of Trevor and 22" shorter...)

BJ, Kevin and Dawn at Christmas.

Eric and Babe at Walt's and BJ's house at Christmas.

Here's my brother Walt holding his first grandchild, Kayla Ann.

And here's Kayla Ann in Hoquiam, with her proud parents, Babe and Erik, grandpa Walt hovering in the background!

Here's Walt and Dawn at her graduation from Hoquiam High, June 1996.

And Dawn at her graduation party.

And here's Walt and BJ holding Kayla Ann.

Zeben Gorman as a baby with mom Carrie.

Zeb as a baby with grandma Alice.

And Zeb as a baby with grandpa Dave.

Here's Willy with new brother Freddie!

Here's Freddie alone

Here's me and my new truck (10/27/97)

True rarity! - here's me in a suit!!!!

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November, 2003