Selection Peg Hilliard's 90th and 91st Birthday Pictures

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90th birthday party, October 26, 2002 (although her real birthday is the 30th)

90_mom1.jpg (69168 bytes) Mom with Judy Stratton 90_mom2.jpg (68856 bytes) Mom opening presents
90_mom3.jpg (65293 bytes) Mom with Zeben and Donna 90_mom4.jpg (68310 bytes) Mom viewing a triptych picture of family favorite scenes in Maine, by Jim Gorman
90_mom5.jpg (43185 bytes) Ashley, Zeben, Mom 90_alice.jpg (56482 bytes) Alice, Dawn, Kayla, Babe, Alex, Mom
90_cake1.jpg (58209 bytes) The incredible cake (Donna made it!) 90_cut_the_cake.jpg (54336 bytes) So let's cut it already!
90_folks1.jpg (55358 bytes) Jim, Laura, Sheila 90_folks2.jpg (72216 bytes) Sheila, John, Walt
90_folks3.jpg (37618 bytes) Dawn with Austin, Babe 90_ggkids.jpg (44267 bytes) Alex on Kayla


91th birthday party, October 26, 2003 (although her real birthday is the 30th)

91_party1.jpg (67005 bytes) Mom with her niece Beth Paul and friend Terra Hegy (right) 91_party2.jpg (41939 bytes) Floyd, Sarah, Elizabeth
91_party3.jpg (64302 bytes) Donna with Tauni, Sarah, Terra, Beth, John, Walt 91_party4.jpg (51713 bytes) Beth
91_party5.jpg (58632 bytes)  Babe with Tauni, Hannah 91_party6.jpg (48823 bytes) Cake time again!
91_party7.jpg (47061 bytes) Cassie watching from the sidelines 91_party8.jpg (64539 bytes) Elizabeth, Terra, Me, John (Beth's husband)