Some Historical Hopkinton, Mass Photos

All the Stewarts with husbands, wives, children, 1908

All the Stewarts, 1908

Stewart Children, Mid-1890s, Hopkinton Mass.

Stewart and Fairbanks Children, with a large toy fire engine, Mid- 1890s, Hopkinton Mass.

Stewarts and other relatives, in front of family home in Hopkinton, occasion of the Hopkinton Bicentennial

Hilliard, Stewart, and other kids all over Charles Stewart's Cadillac, Hopkinton, by Hopkinton Common, Hopkinton Bicentennial, 1914

Stewarts - James and wife? - dressed as Father and Mother Time at the Hopkinton Common, for Hopkinton Bicentennial

James Stewart (my great grandfather, maybe 1880s?

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Jan. 1999