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All pictures copyright Tim Hilliard, 1983, 1989, 2000

Pictures marked with an asterisk are by Elizabeth Eberle or Tim Hilliard; rest by Tim Hilliard

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house1.jpg (70771 bytes)
house2.jpg (94423 bytes)
First picture: The House at Turkey Cove where I spent so much time as a kid - with the results of an ill-conceived remodel after we sold it...From the waterfront. October, 1989. Second picture: Same house - from the woods. October, 1989 Here are some links to how it was in OUR days:
marsh_pt.jpg (43151 bytes) Marshall Point lighthouse, in nearby Port Clyde. October, 1989
wildcat_q.jpg (60958 bytes) Wildcat Quarry, Tenants Harbor - where we mostly swam when I was a kid (hey the Ocean is COLD there...). October, 1989
foliage1.jpg (60595 bytes) Foliage, central Maine (near Washington, ME, I think). October, 1989
foliage2.jpg (41537 bytes) Foliage in the same area. October, 1989
foliage3.jpg (73338 bytes) Roadside foliage, central Maine - Appleton Ridge I think it was. October, 1989
foliage4.jpg (48845 bytes) Foliage in the same area. October, 1989
window.jpg (67141 bytes) Old window in Old Port district, Portland. October, 1989
dinner.jpg (27553 bytes) Coast o' Maine dinner! October, 1989
lobster_pd.jpg (51180 bytes) Lobster Pound, Horse Point Road, Port Clyde - September, 1983 *
portclyde1.jpg (42064 bytes) Near Port Clyde.  September, 1983 *
mc_sunset.jpg (24122 bytes) Maine Coast Sunset.  September, 1983 *
acadia.jpg (53906 bytes) A view in Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island. September, 1983 *
chimney.jpg (39078 bytes) Mt. Katahdin disappearing into the clouds above Chimney Pond. September, 1983 *
north_basin.jpg (43109 bytes) North Basin at Mt. Katahdin. September, 1983
north_basin2.jpg (52721 bytes) North Basin at Mt. Katahdin. September, 1983

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