Some Pictures from a Trip To Central Baja, March, 1994

All pictures copyright Tim Hilliard, 1994, 2000

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sunrise1.jpg (25180 bytes) We stayed one night at a resort - kinda cheesy and overpriced but provided the fine sunrise shown in this series taken from the roof.  
sunrise2.jpg (34126 bytes) A few minutes later...
sunrise3.jpg (41421 bytes) And a few more minutes after that.
loreto.jpg (47802 bytes) Mi hermanita Lin in the center of Loreto (which was very quiet!).  Tower of the mission in the background.
l_mission.jpg (63275 bytes) Looking up the tower at the Loreto mission - restored and modified but very old.
m_mission1.jpg (57996 bytes) Mulegé mission - better restored than Loreto but seemingly forgoton on a dirt road outside the town. 
m_mission2.jpg (62561 bytes) Around the side of Mulegé mission
m_mission3.jpg (58260 bytes) View from the back of the Mulegé mission - the rare freshwater lagoon below is almost the only freshwater ecosystem in hundreds of miles
m_mission4.jpg (42984 bytes) Another view of the lagoon behind the Mulegé mission 

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