A selection of shots from a hike on a section of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Olallie Lake OR to the Columbia River

Late July, 2008

All thumbnails lead to bigger pictures, well duh!

IMG_3781.jpg (211061 bytes)

I started at Olallie Lake Resort near Mt. Jefferson OR. The early part of the trail - to Mt. Hood - was pretty unremarkable and I took few pictures. Here's a typical piece of trail.
IMG_3795.jpg (211389 bytes) After a few days I reached Mt. Hood and the scenery became much more spectacular. This is the PCT near Timberline Lodge.
IMG_3802.jpg (98697 bytes) Looking back at Mount Jefferson just south of where I started four days earlier.
IMG_3812.jpg (224049 bytes) Ghostly trees near Timberline Lodge.
IMG_3813.jpg (608907 bytes) Roofline of Timberline Lodge with a crow on a dead tree.
IMG_3815.jpg (170331 bytes) Much of the trail around Mt. Hood was snow-covered and routefinding became difficult.
IMG_3825.jpg (73286 bytes) The mountain hemlock seems to be pointing at the moon.
IMG_3827.jpg (335080 bytes) Flowers were everywhere there wasn't snow.
IMG_3841.jpg (196154 bytes) I'd just crossed that bridge - not in very good shape!
IMG_3844.jpg (210471 bytes) Mt. Hood from Paradise Park.
IMG_3847.jpg (232205 bytes) Waterfall near the source of the Zigzag River.
IMG_3863.jpg (64793 bytes) Sunrise over Lost Lake Butte, from the trail.
IMG_3873.jpg (523930 bytes) Oregon junco, I think - OK so not too up on birds...
IMG_3880.jpg (133485 bytes) This little cloud makes Mt. Hood look as though it is erupting.
IMG_3895.jpg (343836 bytes) A day or so later I left the PCT to take the popular Eagle Creek Trail down to the Columbia River (where I met the PCT again). This is a typical stretch of the Eagle Creek Trail with cliff above and below, trail cut out of the rock, and sometimes a cable to hold.
IMG_3907.jpg (185711 bytes) "Twister" Falls, one of dozens of waterfalls on the Eagle Creek Trail.
IMG_3917.jpg (237959 bytes) A piece of Tunnel Falls, showing the tunnel where the trail goes under the falls.
IMG_3918.jpg (105733 bytes) Closer view of the tunnel.
IMG_3925.jpg (282425 bytes) Another falls.
IMG_3926.jpg (322170 bytes) Still another - Punchbowl falls I think.

Copyright Tim Hilliard, August, 2008