Shots from the 1977 PCT Reunion, Castle Crags State Park, Castella CA

September 6, 7, 8 2002 (also some shots from my PCT section hike of the preceding week).

All thumbnails lead to bigger pictures of course - isn't it always that way?

dsc00068.jpg (172362 bytes) Reunion Shots

dsc00069.jpg (176932 bytes)

dsc00070.jpg (179257 bytes)

dsc00071.jpg (171051 bytes)

dsc00072.jpg (176052 bytes)

dsc00073.jpg (184469 bytes)

dsc00074.jpg (172557 bytes)

dsc00075.jpg (180646 bytes)

dsc00076.jpg (179763 bytes)

dsc00084.jpg (172153 bytes)

dsc00085.jpg (173421 bytes)

dsc00086.jpg (173770 bytes)

dsc00083.jpg (172383 bytes) Group Shot

dsc00080.jpg (173385 bytes) From Vista Point

dsc00030.jpg (172659 bytes) Darlingtonias (Pitcher Plants) near Scott Mountain Summit, on PCT

dsc00036.jpg (178109 bytes) Porcupine Lake near the PCT, west of Castle Crags

dsc00048.jpg (181799 bytes) The PCT switchbacks down Castle Crags

sunset.jpg (48491 bytes) Sunset over Castle Crags

Tim Hilliard, September 10, 2002