The world's first online shrine to Maximón


June 23, 2001: FLASH! a new home for Maximón, on a fine old Chinese brass tray

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Ask Maximón for miracles 

If you have little miracles you need Maximón's help with, e-mail him at maximon(at) - REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE (at) to an "@" sign - in any language - he'll get the message.

If you would like me to give him offerings for you (rum, tobacco products, incense, or other things) e-mail me at the address above and I'll tell you how to get to me by postal mail. 

What is in the picture?

Maximón with a cigar in his mouth, various Guatemalan fabric, a piece of Peruvian fabric, a small Alfredo Arreguín print, a metate, a stone incense burner with incense and a candle, a wooden incense burner, pine resin incense (in front of his feet) coins from several countries, rose petals, a cigar, aguardiente, hot sauce, macaw and parrot feathers, candles, shells, a small Tibetan skull, an arrowhead, a hackysack, a picture of Comandante Marcos, a Punchito Cuban cigar box with incense and matches in it, stones and coral, a baseball, matched Peruvian ceramic oxen, an Inca-style wooden cup, and more. Above it and out of this picture (see this one) there are six Guatemalan and Mexican masks. Usually I try to keep fresh or dried flowers by him too.

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