Some pictures of me for your enjoyment, maybe...

Tim Hilliard

Picture - All the little thumbnails go to larger versions, of course...  
wild_tim_73.jpg (12783 bytes) Me looking very wild, in my misspent youth (not to be confused with my misspent middle age) 1973 or so tim98.jpg (29261 bytes) The "mug shot" version - 1998
tim01.jpg (72505 bytes) Mr. Outdoorsman? Woodard Bay, near Olympia - 2001 tim_03_informal.jpg (46474 bytes) At the Farmers Market, Olympia - November, 2003
tim_03_formal.jpg (24969 bytes) And a formal shot - taken for my employee ID badge but our agency photographer is really good - July, 2003  

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