Pictures from Guatemala, March 2004

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I took another 2 1/2 week trip to Guatemala in March 2004. Here is a sampling of my pictures!

This time I was in the highlands as well as in the Petén, which is the hot, humid north.

Classic traveler's Guatemala scene - this is the Minerva market in Xela from a bus window. IMG_0478.JPG (142080 bytes)
Looking into the street from a hotel window, Todos Santos Cuchumatán - this couple are dressed in the standard traje or local clothing style of Todos Santos.

Here is a web page with a lot of Todos Santos info.

IMG_0506.JPG (101637 bytes)
Todos Santos Cuchumatán - men on the street. IMG_0512.JPG (118487 bytes)
At the summit of the highest peak in the Cuchumatán Mountains - it's the highest in all of Central America that isn't a volcano, at about 3850 meters. I never got a view - it was pretty foggy as you can see - but it was worth the climb and the fog gave it an air of a Japanese print, I thought. My travel companions for the day... IMG_0548.JPG (58708 bytes)
Traditional Cuchumatán homes of adobe with hand-split wooden shingles, now rare (like the rest of Guatemala, tiles are being used). IMG_0561.JPG (205318 bytes)
An especially colorful front entryway in a rural home near La Ventosa, Cuchumatán Mountains. Note the turkey! IMG_0565.JPG (160789 bytes)
The Weaving Lesson - Todos Santos Cuchumatán. IMG_0566.JPG (122161 bytes)
Plowing a milpa with a wooden plow and a yoke of oxen, near Todos Santos Cuchumatán. IMG_0570.JPG (172723 bytes)
Todos Santos Cuchumatán from the lower slopes of the opposite mountainside. IMG_0573.JPG (205564 bytes)
Forests and rocks, Cuchumatán Mountains. IMG_0599.JPG (201548 bytes)
The rare pinabete or Guatemalan fir, Abies Guatemalensis, with epiphytes. Cuchumatán Mountains. IMG_0601.JPG (242527 bytes)
A main in very different traje, above Lake Atitlán. IMG_0607.JPG (138036 bytes)
San Pedro volcano, above San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlán. IMG_0616.JPG (117179 bytes)
Sunset over Lake Atitlán, San Pedro la Laguna. IMG_0627.JPG (79854 bytes)
Sunrise over Lake Atitlán, San Pedro la Laguna. IMG_0639.JPG (128026 bytes)
Left: sunset over Lake Petén Itzá, Petén (northeastern Guatemala).

Right: dugouts in Lake Petén Itzá.

IMG_0666.JPG (98303 bytes)  IMG_0881.JPG (185546 bytes)
The base of a fine Ceiba tree, the national tree of Guatemala, near the ticket booth at Tikal National Park. The second picture is the top of the same tree, covered with epiphytes. IMG_0676.JPG (210484 bytes)      IMG_0677.JPG (196563 bytes)
Temples one (also called Gran Jaguar, left) and 2 at the Gran Plaza, Tikal. IMG_0747.JPG (142783 bytes)      IMG_0692.JPG (146605 bytes)
One of many inscribed stelae that tell the story of Tikal. IMG_0789.JPG (175438 bytes)
The less-often photographed eastern side of the Gran Jaguar temple, Temple 1. IMG_0817.JPG (191337 bytes)
A tunnel in the palacio de las ventanas, Tikal. IMG_0835.JPG (111825 bytes)
Two views of sunset from near the top of the highest building on the Acropolis Norte, Gran Plaza, Tikal. IMG_0862.JPG (83811 bytes)       IMG_0870.JPG (84177 bytes)
Sahib! IMG_0770.JPG (208122 bytes)
Left, oscillated turkey, a bird that may outshine the peacock! Tikal.

Right, a small crocodile near the Tikal entrance.

IMG_0801.JPG (161676 bytes)      IMG_0809.JPG (201778 bytes)
In the garden of my hotel, Tikal: 

Left, colorful flowers.  Right, a huge grashopper-like bug almost camouflaged in a euphorbia.

IMG_0836.JPG (171990 bytes)       IMG_0874.JPG (143591 bytes)

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